Prosperity Showcase

AEDC Programs

AEDC is a partner to the community through many programs, playing both lead and supporting roles. Collaboration with other organizations allows us to combine our resources and to stay informed about all the opportunities available to our clients. Some projects AEDC has worked on with partners include: 

Adulting 101 -- Hosting a series of classes to help young adults transition into adult living by providing information and tips in a series of fun classes that explore topics from car maintenance to housing to finances. Learn more on our events page, or here

Prosperity Network Business Leader Luncheons -- Hosting a series of lunches on topics that are relevant to our industry leaders. In 2015-16, the meetings centered on upcoming changes in the Cannabis Industry. In 2016-17, lunches will feature issues surrounding infrastructure. 

Customer Centered Design for the Job Market -- Working with a team of stakeholders to develop ways to make the services and the resources of the Job Market more accessible to employers. 

USDA Local Food Promotion Program Grant -- Working with Greenway Partners and Redwood Acres, this grant will look at the feasibility of having a meat processing facility for small animals. 

County of Humboldt Economic Development Strategy -- Using research and statistics about the Targets of Opportunity (or growing industries) to develop a comprehensive plan about how to increase economic development in Humboldt County.